Neurofeedback Simplified

Balance biological needs with a healthy mental state and social relationships.
The NewMind+ Method

See The Whole Person

We see the big picture by measuring all the biopsychosocial areas of your client’s life, including brainwave patterns, physiology, daily stressors, social interaction patterns, family systems styles, mental function and performance levels.

Unravel The Symptoms

We consider mind and body to be one system. Rather than training just the symptoms or the name of a problem, we investigate every contribution to a client’s status to uncover the true sources of their difficulties.

Customize Treatment

We generate individual neurofeedback training protocols based on brainwave patterns along with supplement and metabolic support suggestions. We then track progress through symptom tracking, testing, and brainmap comparisons.

Simplified and Flexible

We’ve taken a complex system and presented it in a simplified way. Your staff and clients will love the user-friendliness and will spend less time struggling with overly complex or outdated systems. Easily configure simple to very advanced protocols.

Typical Neurofeedback vs. Functional Neurofeedback

With Typical Neurofeedback, clinicians must take a one-size-fits-all approach to training their clients. This broad approach overlooks possible subtypes of a problem and fails to address the true sources of a client’s problems.

NewMind’s Functional Neurofeedback approach recognizes that everyone is different and training should be individualized for every client. Our clinicians consider all biopsychosocial areas of a person’s life for a complete and accurate assessment. Then we develop an effective training plan that is more likely to help a client truly improve their life.

Flexible Training Options

Guided Home Training

Simple to use, clinician guided, neurofeedback training at home. Administer and monitor all home training sessions on a live, real-time, dashboard.

In-Clinic Neurofeedback

A comprehensive and intuitive clinical software that makes it easy and convenient to assess all key areas of the client’s lifestyle and develop protocols for optimal results using Functional Neurofeedback.

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