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The people who literally wrote the book on neurofeedback training.

NewMind Technologies offers neurofeedback technology, one-on-one training, personalized support and access to a peer community of professionals working in brain training. Our neurofeedback hardware, software and unique home-training model are simple, flexible and affordable to get clinicians up and running easily, grow their practices steadily, and generate a return on their investment quickly.

Published by NewMind

Doing Neurofeedback: An Introduction

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D and Rob Longo | Oct 15, 2011

The Automatic Self: Transformation and Transcendence Through Brain-Wave Training

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D | Dec 7, 2015

An introductory perspective on the emerging application of qEEG in neurofeedback.

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D | 2014

Correlating qEEG and oxidative stress.

By Soutar, R., Hopson, J. & Longo, R. | 2017

Asymmetry as a reliable measure of adult anxiety and depression.

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D | 2014

Mentoring for neurofeedback certification: A guide for mentors and mentees.

By Longo, R.E. and Soutar, R. | 2019
NewMind Journal

Mindfitness training: Neurofeedback and the process.

By Crane, A. & Soutar, R. | 2000

Methods in the social sciences:  A critique of positivism. Doctoral Dissertation.

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D | 2019

Holistic Neurointegration: The New Mind Model.

By Richard G. Soutar Ph.D | 2018

Meet Our Founders

Richard Soutar

Richard Soutar, Ph.D., BCN, is a board-certified neurofeedback provider who has managed clinics throughout the United States. He is the director of neurofeedback services at New Mind Center in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as director of research and development for NewMind Technologies.

Shawn Bearden

Shawn Bearden is the CEO and co-founder of NewMind Technologies. As a software engineer, technologist, and savvy IT and business manager, Shawn is an innovator in the field of technology. He founded NewMind Technologies with Dr. Richard Soutar, a renowned neurofeedback pioneer, to create groundbreaking solutions for the future of mental health tech. With his inventive spirit and profound understanding of the software industry, Shawn leads NewMind Technologies on their mission to revolutionize the world’s relationship with mental health tech through cutting-edge neuroscience research.

Our Mission

NewMind Technologies is a company built by and for mental-health clinicians who want to grow their neurofeedback therapy practice without growing their office space.

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