Cognitive Performance Testing

Understand your clients’ progress by assessing and tracking mental functions as they improve over time

Auto-Generated Computerized Performance Tests

Each one of your clients has a unique set of mental performance challenges to deal with. NewMind auto-generates a customized battery of computerized mental performance tests based on your client’s brainmap report findings. You assess and track client mental functions as they improve over time as a result of your neurofeedback training. Mental performance tests are statically normed, allowing you to evaluate how your clients perform compared with other clients.

Included Tests


Ability to pay attention, select a pattern or process in your environment and follow it over time.

Auditory Working Memory

Memory used to remember and work with information that you hear.

Episodic Memory

Ability to hear a story or event and retain key features for future use in solving problems.

Short Term Memory

Capacity for holding a small amount of visual information in mind for a short period of time.

Sequential Memory

Ability to remember and recall a sequence of objects and/or events in the correct order.


Ability to sort through information, filter what is not important, and focus on key features of a task.

Auditory Short Term Memory

Capacity for holding a small amount of auditory information in mind for a short period of time.

List Acquisition

Working memory for academic performance in both verbal and mathematical realms of learning.

Spatial Sorting

Ability to observe objects and patterns, retain them in working memory, and recall them.

Working Memory

Small amount of information that can be held in mind and used in the execution of cognitive tasks.

Executive Function

General functions including goal directed behavior, organizing, planning and decision making, shifting sets or categorization, and impulse modulation.

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