Custom Bikes

What constitutes a “custom bicycle”? It can mean taking a stock frame and choosing all the different parts, wheels, tires and saddle to create a ride that fits your body and reflects your personality. If “custom” for you means creating your own one of a kind paint scheme so you will never see someone else on the road or trail with your exact finish, then that is possible too. If you are a member of the population that simply can’t fit an off the shelf geometry, then the term “custom” takes on a much more specific and functional meaning. Having a frame specifically designed to match your particular body proportions, taking into account not just simple measurements but also age, range of motion, past injuries and, most importantly, your expectations and application is a process that will finish with you riding a truly “one off” piece of machinery.

Whatever definition of “custom” you prefer, we can help you achieve it. You don’t have to have all the details figured out either. Part of our passion for cycling includes bringing clients up to speed on current technologies from component manufacturers, wheel manufacturers, to tire manufacturers; the list goes on and on. Any detail you care to discuss and investigate will be our primary focus as we work together to build your dream bike.

All of this is done at our studio on Rockland Farm in a one on one environment with no outside distractions, ringing phones or other customers vying for attention. Feel free to take advantage of 30 years of industry experience and contact us to set up a informational appointment.