Fit Studio

Discovering the perfect bicycle fit is essential for you to truly enjoy the bike and realize your potential as a cyclist. A poor fit will not only be uncomfortable, it can cause injury. For many cyclists this becomes a frustrating process where the hunt for the “perfect fit” becomes as arduous and futile a task as searching for the Holy Grail. Plum Grove Cyclery will put an end to your search by educating you and finding the correct fit for your body’s unique geometry, biomechanics and health history. For over 30 years I have accumulated a large database of knowledge by completing thousands of fittings, educating myself through seminars and courses, and communicating with experts in the field.

My formal training began in 1985 with a course offered by The New England Cycling Academy when bicycle fitting was just emerging. Years later, as technology advanced and bicycle frame options improved, I met David Greenfield of Elite Bicycles and took my fit process to the next level with a much better understanding of human physiology and force application. As measurement tools offered a more accurate picture of riders’ fit coordinates, the process of achieving the best fit possible improved. I attended a weekend training session with Paul Levine at Signature Cycles in Manhattan. Mr. Levine, the former head of the Serotta International Cycling Institute, has a unique insight into the human body and its interaction with the bicycle. My training continued when I travelled to Saratoga Springs and attended a seminar at the Serotta International Cycling Institute headed up by Paraic McGlynn and Chris Jacobsen. I continue to avail myself of the latest technology and advancements in bicycle fitting to provide our customers the best possible fit.

If you have a problem on the bike, I can help you fix it. If you feel less than optimal on the bike, I can help you gain the efficiency you are looking for. If you are new to cycling, whether road, triathlon or mountain biking, let me provide you with a good foundation to build on.

Comprehensive Fitting

  • Your fitting begins with an initial interview where we discuss and document your athletic background, injury history, and your goals as a cyclist. I will assess your range of motion and overall flexibility and educate you about the muscles involved in locomotion and power generation. Then we will discover your body’s ideal position on the bike – your foot-pedal interface, contact with the saddle, and the location of the handlebars will all be analyzed and recorded to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

Season Pass

  • A Season Pass includes all of the above, plus four additional visits to fine tune your position over the course of the season. As your fitness improves, flexibility changes and weight fluctuates, your bike may need to be adjusted to can accommodate those variables. Each fitting is a snapshot in time.

Fitting usually takes 2+ hours and is offered by appointment only at your convenience.