NewMind Assessments

A simple yet comprehensive system for assessing your clients, analyzing QEEG brainmaps, generating custom protocols, logging training sessions, and tracking progress.

A Functional Neurofeedback System

The NewMind functional neurofeedback system offers a simple yet comprehensive way to thoroughly assess your clients, interpret brainwave recordings, and effectively track your clients’ progress. Every client is different, with a wide array of confounding and external factors. The NewMind neurofeedback assessment system gives you the power to see each client as a whole person and not just as someone who presents with a number of problems.

The Features

Biopsychosocial Assessments

A full range of assessments are available through the cloud to aid in identifying the negative social, mental and physiological characteristics of your clients that are affecting their lives.


  • Mental Emotional Assessment

  • Interactive Self Inventory Assessment

  • Physiological / Metabolic Assessment

Easy to Read Brain Map Reports

Take a lot of the guess work out of your client assessments and brainmap interpretations with a powerful assessment tool that delivers easy-to-read brainmap reports that correlate each client’s EEG with mental, emotional, and physiological assessments.


  • Automatically de-artifacted brain maps

  • Topographical and location isolated brain maps

  • Problems identified as brainwave or mental in nature

  • Comprehensive interpretive dashboards

  • Suggested neurofeedback training protocols

  • Suggested photic entrainment protocols

  • Written narrative analysis of map features and implications

  • Suggested supplements based on EEG

Customized Progress Tracking

Monitor and exhibit the progress your client is making with a powerful set of progress tracking tools.


  • Customized progress trackers based on suggested problems from your client’s biopsychosocial assessments

  • Add your own list of problems to track, or pick from a comprehensive list of over 150 problems

  • Track and review neurofeedback session details and results with session reports

  • Demonstrate brainwave changes with a pre/post brainmap comparison tool

Client Portal Included

Client portal, displaying your logo, lets your clients complete their intake, assessments, and progress tracking from home.


  • Improved compliance

  • Flexible to your clients’ schedule

Why we chose NewMind:

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Simplified Software

Train your clients in your clinic or remotely, in their home. Keep your clinic moving efficiently with NewMind’s easy-to-use neurofeedback training software.

Assessments Add-On+

Cognitive Performance Testing

Understand your clients’ progress by assessing and tracking mental functions as they improve over time.

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