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Build Your Practice

Getting started in the field of neurofeedback can be overwhelming. This is why NewMind walks you hand-in-hand through the process of getting up and running. Become a provider with NewMind to build your practice, and join our community of professionals to grow your impact.


NewMind’s simplified, yet advanced, Functional Neurofeedback approach is perfect for clinicians new to the field as well as experienced neurofeedback providers looking to replace their current system with something more flexible and easy-to-use. If you hold a license in a health-related field or work under someone who does, then you are pre-qualified.

Wellness Practitioners

Expand your services as a coach or wellness professional to help your clients perform better in work and life. If you do not hold a license in a health-related field or work under someone who does, then you can quickly become qualified with the NewMind Peak Performance workshop.

Career Changers

Thinking about getting into Neurofeedback from another field? NewMind can help. Let’s talk.

How to Become a Provider

All of our users go through a thorough training to gain basic technical proficiency.

Step 1

System Selection

We will help you customize your setup to ensure you only purchase what you need, including software, hardware, supplies, and mentoring to provide functional neurofeedback.

Step 2

One-on-One Training

You undergo personal training with our caring team over several weeks to verify you are able to record brainmaps, run in-clinic and in-home neurofeedback training sessions, as well as interpret training results and functional qEEG reports. This training includes a private consultation with Dr. Richard Soutar PhD at the end of your training.

Step 3

Lifetime Support

On-going, free technical support from our fun loving support team via email, chat, or phone keeps you operating at peak performance. You gain free access to our weekly Lunch & Learns where you meet with fellow NewMind providers three times a week to discuss neurofeedback, conduct peer case reviews, and more.

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