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Train your clients in your clinic or remotely, in their home. Keep your clinic moving efficiently with NewMind’s easy-to-use neurofeedback training software.

Simplified Software

Picking a neurofeedback training system can be confusing and frustrating. You can easily overspend on flashy features that offer no real clinical advantage, and that you never use. It is also easy to be lured into a low-budget system that is extremely limited in its abilities with inconsistent or lacking results.

Picking a neurofeedback system can be a troubling experience in itself. The NewMind neurofeedback training system, on the other hand, gives you the best of both worlds. You get a simplified and user-friendly neurofeedback system with highly advanced features and reporting abilities built for clinicians, coaches, and their clients

Built for Clinicians

We continue to prioritize, refine, and simplify the features that are most
important to your work.

Dashboard designed with the
clinician and coach in mind

Quickly search clients and plans, and see training performance information at-a-glance.


  • Remotely monitor training sessions in real-time.

  • Assist clients in real-time by sending messages and even pausing live training sessions.

  • Easily analyze training session patterns using the training session calendar.

  • Quickly and easily manage home training credits.

Real-Time Artifact Rejection

Artifact can be caused by many things such as body and eye movement or electrical interference.

Ensures that

  • Brainmap assessment results are not negatively influenced by artifact

  • Brainmap recordings do not have to be edited by hand

  • Training rewards and results aren’t negatively influenced by artifact.

Advanced Features


  • Monitor 3D Z-Scores live as you run your training sessions

  • Leading-edge Photic Entrainment options are integrated into the hardware and software

    • Manual Mode
    • Manual Mode
    • Dichotomous (EEG driven)
    • Alternating Mode
  • Four-Channel Multi-Variant Coherence Training

  • NeuroMeditation Training

  • Proportional Tones for Peak Performance Training

  • Alpha Theta

  • Training session reports automatically generated

Simple Home Training

Simplified, user-friendly, home training software for happy clients.


  • Monitor results and change protocols from anywhere

  • Grow your practice without growing your office space

  • Easily configure and monitor advanced protocols for your clients

  • Monitor your trainers at-a-glance in the real-time with the home-training dashboard

Synchronized Training Data

Your data is backed up to the NewMind Cloud.


  • Client can train on any computer in your office

  • Access your training data on any computer

Why we chose NewMind:

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