The NewMind Neurofeedback System

Get better results with Functional Neurofeedback.

The NewMind+ System

NewMind Technologies offers clinicians safe and effective neurofeedback tools and a neurofeedback methodology for complete and accurate client assessments.

NewMind gives you the tools necessary to start and continue a holistic, functional neurofeedback training program.


A Functional
Neurofeedback System

NewMind uses a functional neurofeedback approach. You get a simple yet comprehensive system for assessing your clients, analyzing EEG brainmaps, developing custom protocols, tracking training sessions, and following progress for a full understanding of your clients’ conditions and contributing factors.

CPT Assessments

Cognitive Performance Testing

Understand your clients’ progress by assessing and tracking mental functions as they improve over time.


Simplified Software

Train your clients in your clinic or remotely, in their home. Keep your clinic moving efficiently with NewMind’s easy-to-use neurofeedback training software.

Training Feature

Guided Home Training

Simple to use, clinician guided, neurofeedback training at home. Administer and monitor all home training sessions on a live, real-time, dashboard.

Marketing & Business Support

Client Referrals & Retention

Drive new patient traffic directly to your business through our provider referral program. Simplify and supercharge your client sales and retention with our collection of key marketing materials and assets.

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