Photic Neurofeedback: Integrating Photic Entrainment & Neurofeedback

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For over a decade Dr Soutar has researched and routinely applied photic entrainment in his clinics as well as presented cutting edge workshops on the topic at major neurofeedback conferences. As a leading expert in this field and developer of the first photic EEG database system he is able to provide unique insights on how to synthesize neurofeedback, biofeedback and photic entrainment. Together these technologies can significantly improve clinical outcomes. Combining Photic, Neurofeedback, Heartmath and other modalities allows practitioners a whole new range of options in their efforts to meet the needs of their clients. In addition our workshop will provide you with important information regarding the different equipment available for implementing these technologies and the advantages and limitations they offer.

Arousal Dysregulation, Stress and the Use of Audio/Visual Entrainment, Neurofeedback, Cranio-Electro Stimulation and Transcranial DC Stimulation as Treatment Modalities.

A Brief History of Entrainment
Research Overview
Mechanisms of Entrainment
Standard Entrainment
NFB Guided Entrainment Concepts
NFB vs Entrainment: Similarities & Differences in Effects On The Brain
Using Entrainment Technologies to Prepare Clients for NFB
Targeting NFB Training Frequencies with Entrainment
Uptraining vs Downtraining with Entrainment
Session Profiles: How to Blend Technologies in a Session
Practicum: Using NFB With Entrainment
Targeting Frequencies Using qEEG
Networks & EEG Recruitment Patterns In NFB Guided Entrainment
Training with vs Training against Recruitment Patterns
HeartMath Research & Mechanisms
Breathing Methods
Combining NFB, Heartmath & Entrainment
Multimodal Intervention Approaches
Integrating Traditional Biofeedback Modalities
Multimodal Intervention Approaches
Entrainment as Home Training Support for NFB
Post NFB Support with Entrainment: Sustaining NFB Gains in Stressful Environments

Richard Soutar

Richard Soutar, Ph.D., BCN, is a board-certified neurofeedback provider who has managed clinics throughout the United States. He is the director of neurofeedback services at New Mind Center in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as director of research and development for NewMind Technologies.

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