qEEG Guided Neurofeedback with Dr Richard Soutar

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Location: TBD/Virtual
This workshop covers basic qEEG for the clinician and how to utilize it for purposes of neurofeedback. It is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts required to generate, read and interpret a brain map as well as derive protocols. We cover all the basic aspects of map generation including artifacting raw EEG, generating basic map reports and source localization techniques such as Laplacian Analysis and LORETA. We also review and evaluate the existing databases, such as Skil, Neuroguide and the New Mind Database System. In addition we examine methods on how to link abnormal EEG to symptoms and behavior as well as detect metabolic correlates that may confound neurofeedback training. The qEEG is a powerful clinical tool that allows you to formulate effective protocols based on empirical statistical data and then empirically track changes due to a variety of interventions.

EEG Definitions & Dimensions of Analysis
Amplitude, Magnitude & Power Frequency Component Bands Spectral Analysis Dominant Frequency Phase Coherence Asymmetry


Collection Methods
Cap Types & MiniQ Box Types Collecting Good Data: Clinical Procedures Artifacting Issues: Locations, Morphlogy & Frequency Data Analysis & Artifacting Interpretation Strategies I Protocol Selection & Electrode Placement Montages: Monopolar vs Bipolar Electrode Placement for Z-Score Training


Demonstrations & Walk Through I
Client Preparation EEG Collection Using Brainmaster MiniQ: Step By Step Data Review Procedures Uploading Data To The Internet and Saving Your Report


Demonstrations & Walk Through II
Uploading Data To The Internet For Adjunct Reports Z-Score Training: Event Wizard Made Simple

Topographic Mapping
Normative vs Reference Databases Research vs Clinical Databases The MiniQ Concept & Expert Systems Discriminants: Uses & Abuses
Types & Subtypes of Disorders: Typical EEG Patterns & Case Studies
Phenotype vs Diagnostic Category Function vs Location: 10-20 System & Brodmann’s Areas Interpretation Strategies II Report Writing
Demonstrations & Walk Through III
Data Editing In Brainmaster Artifacting In Brainmaster Database Management

Richard Soutar

Richard Soutar, Ph.D., BCN, is a board-certified neurofeedback provider who has managed clinics throughout the United States. He is the director of neurofeedback services at New Mind Center in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as director of research and development for NewMind Technologies.

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