The Service Shop

Bicycles have evolved into highly technical, specialized machines, and the shops that service their needs can be intimidating places for the most experienced cyclist. They can be downright mysterious to riders new to the complexities of bicycle mechanics. To help overcome this industry wide phenomena, we have designed our service area to be open, inviting, and on display in the front window. We managed to procure three bowling lanes from Chevy Chase Country Club that we have re-purposed into over 30 feet of glorious work bench. Thirteen feet of the bench double as a bar lined with stools so you can relax, enjoy a beverage, and chat with us while we work on your bike.

To make servicing your bike even easier, we have taken the service menu and simplified it with everyday English.

* Cranks and bottom bracket are pulled, fork is pulled and headset removed, bottle cages removed.

* Entire bicycle is washed thoroughly and then detailed and inspected.

* Wheels are trued, dish and roundness checked. Braking surface on rim brake bikes is sanded down to expose a clean and smooth surface to maximize brake performance.

* Brake blocks are sanded down to expose fresh rubber to again maximize brake performance. Brake blocks are also checked for proper alignment and brake calipers centered.

* Derailleurs are checked for proper alignment and limit screws are adjusted as necessary.

* Cable tension is fine tuned.

During this process all parts are assessed for wear and tear and replaced as necessary with customer pre-approval.

* We go over every possible adjustment on the bike true the wheels
* Installation of new or replacement parts included/price of parts are not included
* Wipe bike down
* Lube chain

* All components are checked for safety and proper torque.

* All adjustments are checked for safe and functional performance.

* Chain is lubricated and wiped down.

* Bike is wiped down and tires properly inflated.

Standard Fee $75 Carbon Rims $100

Custom wheel building involves counseling on choosing the correct spoke, nipple and rim for the customer’s application. The fee includes lacing, tensioning, truing and making the finished product rounds and dished (centered). Park Spoke Tension Meter (TM-1) will be used for certain builds, including carbon rims.